1st Choice Plumbing Services
1st Choice Plumbing Services
Thank you for visiting our Internet site. As an up-to-date business we want to give you the opportunity to get in touch. Our content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date with the services we offer. We are a family run buisiness based in Gosport and operate in the local and surrounding areas.

1st choice are at your service whatever your plumbing needs may be. From a dripping tap to a full bathroom installation, we will carry out the work with the minimum of fuss, no job is too small, although bathroom design planning and installation is the main bulk of our work which we really enjoy doing.

Our aim is to bring reliability and quality to our customers.

A job well done means a satisfied customer who will use our services again.

Fully insured, Approved Plumber with The Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme.(W.I.A.P.S) www.wras.co.uk/WIAPS

The Water Industry Approved plumber Scheme (WIAPS)

WIAPS is funded by most of the Water Suppliers to administer an approved plumbers scheme for them. In order to become a WIAPS member, a plumber has to show he has been suitably trained as a plumber, that he has adequate knowledge of the Regulations by passing an assessment and that he has sufficient public liability insurance cover.

What is an ‘Approved Plumber’

The Government is campaigning against ‘cowboy building’ in a number of ways. One way is to include in the new Regulations some useful concessions for an ‘Approved Contractor (Plumber)’, who will be competent in complying with the Regulations.

The Approved Plumber has been given a very useful concession in that he/she may start work without notification or prior consent on certain types of work, provided he/she issues the customer (and for some types of work, the Water Supplier) with a certificate of compliance for the work when it is completed. This can save up to ten days of waiting for the Water Supplier’s consent and reduces the paperwork of notification.

This means the customer(YOU) will be given a certificate of compliance to show that the work as been done by a competent person and complies with the water regulations.