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Taps... If the tap drips from the spout then the washer may need replacing. Washers are inexpensive and easily fitted. A re-seating tool may also be needed to cut a new seat for the washer to sit on. If taps drip from under the handle then either the packing or rubber "o"ring will need replacing..
Pipes... if the pipe is leaking from a joint and is quite bad then turn off the water at the stop cock which is normally located under the sink. If the joint has nuts then it will confirm a compression joint. Tightening of the nuts carefully can help but can only be attempted when the water has been turned off. If the joint is soldered a plumber will be required for repair.
WCs...drips. Overflow pipes normally lead to the outside although some that are more modern lead water back into the wc pan. If the overflow is leaking then it could be that the ball cock has water ingress and is not operating correctly. Alternatively, the ball cock may have been set too high and needs re-adjustment or it could be that the washer needs changing or the seating needs replacing.
Showers... If the flow of water has appreared to have dropped over a few months then a likely problem could be a build up of scale. Detach the head from the hose and the shower plate from the head and place the plate in a de-scaling solution for a few hours. Rinse and re- attach. If the flow is still weak a booster pump may be needed.
Radiators... Cold at the bottom? Sludge formed at the bottom which is caused by corrosion can keep the radiator cold. Cold at the top? Air may be trapped in the radiator and will need bleeding.

Whilst all advice given is correct to the best of our knowledge, we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur, should you choose to follow these tips.